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Now That's Class

87% love it
The antithesis of class
This is a grungy rock club covered in graffiti. Get kicked out of every other bar? Come to Now That's Class and be a star.


    • JasonMitchell0
      JasonMitchell0 20 hours ago

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    • cuddleottercle
      cuddleottercle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Now That's False
      Class is not a gay bar. So I dare ask, as another guy below did, why is this listed on here? Do gay guys go here occasionally? Yes. A former bartender at The Hawk likes this place and has friends there. It's not rough and tough as far as I've ever seen, but it's not suitable to most gay tastes. It's a dive bar, like bars used to be in Cleveland. But it's not gay. If you are looking for a "gay bar" Class is not for you. So yes it begs the question, why does Gay Cities have it listed. I think this site is useless. And why does it say you "love" the bar just for adding a review. Bogus.

    • Boundbear
      Boundbear Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Why is this anti gay place even listed here?
      Not even remotely to be considered a Gay Bar - And why should gay Folk have to "moderate: their behavior to feel 'accepted" and not in danger - i.e. 'Don't queen it up too much" as another poster suggested. The Gay bar scene in Cleveland has, alas, significantly degenerated over the past decade or so, but why should we content ourselves with places like this where at best, we are merely tolerated? Remove this listing at once, please!

    • WoodyAutumn
      WoodyAutumn Over a year ago
      Hates it

      "Now That's Class" is not a Gay bar
      This place is not even Gay friendly. I am not sure why it is listed as a Gay bar. Someone is trying to stir up some trouble. If you are Gay, avoid the place.

    • sluttypumpkin
      sluttypumpkin Over a year ago
      Hates it

      not gay, people
      this is not a gay bar. why is it on gay citites?

    • A real bar
      Why we went out to bars in the first place. On the young side but it keeps you fresh.

    • redmike2012
      redmike2012 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      fun if you're in the neighborhood
      its a indie rock bar heavier on the indie rock than the punk. not as serious as the spitfire on 117. mostly early 20s. a bit too youngish of an atmosphere for me. but they do serve food and a good beer selection. most of you will never read this review anyway, i know.

    • kmike74
      kmike74 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Live music and food one door from the Hawk
      They serve Mexican food. Have bottled and draft beer of a multitude of different varieties including craft beers. The wall behind the bar is lined with Rodney Dangerfield memorabilia (lol) and a jukebox has nothing but old school rock on it. The customers are mostly twenty-thirty y.o.'s indie rockers and punks. Some old men once in a while. Some gay guys (maybe from next door at the Hawk). The bartenders are all girls, and the crowd is a mix of male and female. Very loud.

    • Not gay but fun
      A dive for sure but thats what indie rock clubs are supposed to be. The next door over from the Hawk but the crowd couldnt be any more differnt. Some younger Hawk regulars do go to Class. But if you dont fit in dont waste your time and piss off the guys there by leering staring or otherwise acting gross. but go for a concert if you are a fan of punk or indie rock. Most nites the place is much busier than the Hawk.

    • samsonbodunk
      samsonbodunk Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Rocked my world
      Class is a fun bar for real guys. Some gay guys drop by after or before the Hawk. Music is good if you like hardcore alternative rock. It has a great vibe. On the downside, possibly, the crowd is all white- no black guys. Otherwise the bar is fun if you are bi or a gay guy who is not a total lame ass/bitch ass barqueen.

    • smoothe
      smoothe Over a year ago
      Loves it


    • westsidecub1976
      westsidecub1976 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's a straight bar, but more fun than a gay bar
      When you have given up on finding that "hook up," and just want to have fun, head to Now That's Class, It's a straight rock and punk club, full of guys and girls who just want to drink and rock out. Not for the queeny, twinky set, but if you can pass as a normal guy (that is, you don't prance, limp wristed or lisp as you go along your merry way), then you should have no problem here. The crowd is not homophobic, but like any straight club, the guys come here to either hang with the guys or meet girls, not to be hit on by gay guys or watch very very gay displays- this is their place, not ours, if you want to think about it that way. But some of the bartenders and customers from the Hawk go there alot, so it's an OK place and gay-friendly to a point. The music is great, if you love, like I do, noisy screaming alternative rock. If you want to worship at the altar of Cher or Lady Gaga, don't come here.

    • krazeemonkee
      krazeemonkee Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Want to go back some time
      During a recent visit, my partner and I were at the Hawk and overheard the bartender tell some customers he was going to Now Thats Class when his shift was over. Its the bar next door to the Hawk, officially a music club for straights, but pretty much anyone will get served as long as you don't queen it up. The alternative rock band playing almost made my other half deaf, but as a former rock kid, I loved it. Next time we come back to Cleveland, I will definitely go to "Class." Strongly recommend it, especially for the eye candy!

    • jax
      jax Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Class rocks!
      Some guys at the Hawk turned me on to Class. It's not for your average club kid or faggy pants bar bitch, but its a lot of indie rockers and punks having a blast in a bar that is welcoming to gay men. Best thing, no prancing ninnies or obnoxious fag hags singing to Lady Gaga crap. Have a drink or two if you want a break from the Hawk, Cocktails, or afterward.

    • leatherskin78
      leatherskin78 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Headbangers Hole in the Wall
      Not a "gay bar" but a mixed bar/live music club for 20- and 30-something devotees of alternative metal and punk. Before its renovation and renaming, this location was home to 2 earlier gay bars named Sexx and Deco. The former gay clientele is gone now, but some of the more masculine gay, rock music fans from the next-door gay bar "The Hawk" often walk the couple of feet to "Class" for concerts, food, and a change of pace. Not a bar for those who want to camp it up or lisp their way to a hook up. But gay, bi, and straight fans of good music will appreciate the atmosphere and huge beer list. Several are on tap.