Cocktails Cleveland Formerly: Rockies

82% love it
Boys' Night Out
From karaoke to dirty dancers to an awesome happy hour, this place delivers what the boys want.
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    • FrankKing1974
      FrankKing1974 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Usually festive, always see somebody you might know
      Wed./Sun. night karaoke usually draws in a good crown during the warm parts of the year. Sunday potluck dinner on Sunday's was always fun & interesting food themes in the earlier afternoon. Fri./Sat. drag shows-(sometimes a benefit show, or leather competitions, too.) The downstairs basement/dungeon bar is interesting at times.

    • cuddleottercle
      cuddleottercle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      seriously shitty neighborhood
      who cares about the bar when you don't know if you are going to find your car intact when you leave. unless you know how to handle yourself in the hood, don't risk it. and- have you noticed on these review pages that it's the same few guys checking into every bar. I think that neatly sums up the 'diversity' of the crowds at the bars. lol

    • Great bar with great people!
      Since I moved to Cleveland in May of 2013 Cocktails Cleveland has been my favorite bar of choice in Cleveland there are some really great Ive met in that bar since I moved to this City the staff and service is excellent and everyone I know is part of a family atmosphere there Everyone is welcome from Drag Kings to Drag Queens to the Transgendered to the Leather and Bear Community we welcome you all you all are part of our family but yet there are a few who are negative and want to harm us but we can rise above them and make it a postive experince and a fun experince so for a great time check it out we will make it fun and make it a postive experince for you.

    • JohnSmith
      JohnSmith Over a year ago
      Hates it

      BE AWARE! Safety issues in this neighborhood.
      Guys, this bar is in one of the WORST neighborhoods in Cleveland and is extremely dangerous. Last year a guy from NYC was attacked and it was all over the media; nothing has changed about the area around the bar when it comes to vandalism, assaults, drug busts, etc. All one has to do is go on the Cleveland Police Department crime map to know this is not an area you want to be in, especially solo. Is your life worth a drink? Only you can decide.

    • WoodyAutumn
      WoodyAutumn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Probably the best Gay Club in Cleveland
      Just to put it correct, none of the gay bars in Cleveland are in a good neighborhood -- not one. Please review the bar itself. If the Mayor and the Safety Director and the police cannot clean up the neighborhood then how in the hell do expect the bar itself to do anything about it. The bar is not the police. This is a great place and probably the best Gay club in Cleveland . The bartenders are very friendly -- very good drinks. The bartenders try to learn and remember everybody's' names and they definitely do not forget a face. And yes, there is leather. The most recent Mr Leather Cleveland 2013 contest was held there and there is a basement bar that is for the leather crowd. The owner of the club is Gay and is into leather himself. He owns another bar in Akron called Cocktails Akron. The place is not real glamorous or plush but it is very functional. It is friendly and fun. The main floor is a mixture of people from all races, age, gender and backgrounds. I really love this mix. Cocktails has a small stage and sometimes, there is a drag show on Saturdays but not every Saturday. On Fridays they have male strippers. Wednesdays are popular for the karaoke and they get a nice crowd. On Sunday around 5:30 - 7:30 PM, they have an excellent potluck dinner with a lot of people participating. Seriously, it is one of the best potlucks I have seen in the Gay clubs here in NE Ohio. Then on Sunday after the potluck starting at 10:00 PM, they have karaoke again. There is a very large covered patio that is heated during the colder weather. There are two pool tables. Cocktails Cleveland has the Ohio Lottery's Keno game too. You can purchase your MegaMillions or PoweBall tickets from the Keno machine as well (no scratch off tickets though). There is tons of seating with lots of barstools at the bar and plenty of high-top tables with chairs. They have very good security in that there are close-circuit cameras inside the club and outside all over. Also, the entrance is locked and you have to be buzzed into the place by one of the bartenders who can see your face on a monitor. The building is well lit on the outside and they recently added a new facade on the front of the building with more lighting.

    • bigbill
      bigbill Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Barry is an awesome bartender, barely a wait to get served

    • rozslvk
      rozslvk Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place bad area..
      Nice Patrons , good staff especially frank . Dungeon neat ...

    • Most leather you will find here
      The dungeon is open. Stay in the basement. Upper level is boring.

    • why do people like it here?
      poor service, fag hags and crossdressers, and a leather basement dungeon thats not real leather. why?

    • johnnykay1968
      johnnykay1968 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      BAD location. unenthusiastic workers and no incentve to do better

    • redmike2012
      redmike2012 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      crickets chirping...
      cocktails was not on the CLAW list this year. not surprised. last time they had a bear party sponsored by claw and barely anyone showed. this year during the weekend thought that some men would make their way down. was i wrong! at the long bar, tiny groups occupied opposite ends. usual suspects. no one under age of 40. probably noone under age of 55. basement was open. good news! but looked like all queens. i said it before i will say it again. why cant this city have a real leather bar? cleveland is big enough. it is supposed to be a blue collar town. i guess its true that all gay men are white collar office drones. except for me i guess.

    • PdxJock503
      PdxJock503 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Hello out there, anyone here?
      Large bar for Cleveland. Terrible neighborhood. Park close to bar. Weekend night and only a handful of people are here. Don't waist your time

    • musclepig
      musclepig Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Not Too Bad
      hit the blackout party they had last night -- not too bad. The biggest problem this bar still has is its neighborhood; it's the roughest spot of any gay bar in cleveland.

    • kmike74
      kmike74 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The lowdown no BS
      Three stars for the OK bartenders and the clean and spacious bar. But thats all. Maybe when they open the remodeled dungeon it will be better. Upstairs its empty most nights. What you find. One little group of a woman and her two men friends sit at the far end of the bar and talk among themselves all night. At the other end of the bar old men and thirty yo's come and go. Most guys dont sit at the tables except on weekends. Friday and Saturday the transvestites or whatever you may call them fill the bar. Ive seen some of the strip shows and they are best skipped unless you like super skinny flamers with an occasional 'straight' guy 'just doing it for the money'. Who needs this? I dont.

    • southsidebimike
      southsidebimike Over a year ago
      Hates it

      this is now a trannie bar
      cocktails has morphed into a new incarnation of a gay club. the last resort of a gay club is when it appeals to the freakiest of gay people. in this instance transexuals. who knows if theyre tarnsexuals transvestities or whatever. they are full grown ugly men in womens clothes from the 1950s. a pathetic strip show with superskinny twinks ruins friday nights about 10 o clock. the leather days of this place are long gone and probably never to return. i give it 2 stars as it has lots of room and some friendly bartenders.