Leather Stallion Saloon

81% love it
Oldest Levi/Leather bar in Ohio
Serving the area since 1970, this casual bar offers great food, fun events, and a long-standing tradition.
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    • beerwhiz
      beerwhiz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Leather Stallion Bar
      A great place and with the new Owner and friendly staff certainly it is worth your visit. If you haven't been, or not returned since the new owner, Dan (I think) has taken over you're missing a great day and certainly not being fair to yourself. The staff and crowds are always ready to welcome more customers. Entry is midway off the alley-like side door. Step up and step in to one of the greatest bars around the State of Ohio. I do bet you will enjoy your visit(s).

    • Damien72A
      Damien72A Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great people having fun dancing and mingling the night away. Plus Hot Dogs and hamburgers serve to eat. Looking forward to go back again. During the evening guys talk about what is happening in Cleveland and etc. that had me open more.

    • TAAD1
      TAAD1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Always been my favorite
      friendly crowd

    • Big bar and backyard
      Only men. No grating str8t girls or twinks. Patio makes up for location and low energy.

    • redmike2012
      redmike2012 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      last stop before I 90
      if you're making your way to the east side or 90, the stallion is the last stop after making the long trek from 117 st. much ado is made of this bar being the oldest in cleveland. so what? it has nothing to show but memorabilia on the walls. someone below wrote theres plenty of conversation. surprises me. like every other bar in town people only talk to their friends. if you go alone be prepared to be alone for the whole time. its not a leathrmens hangout despite whats said below. elderly gentlemen and some older queens looking for a hairy fuck. thats all.

    • PdxJock503
      PdxJock503 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Ghost Town
      No one was there. Weather has been nice but not a place I would make a special trip too. Run down and crappy like most of the gay bays in Cleveland.

    • joeboxer67
      joeboxer67 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Drinking Bar
      This is a true 'local' bar -the place where everybody knows your name. It's the only downtown gay bar left -- E. 22nd and St Clair--and thankfully off the radar of most the obnoxious queens who patronize the other establishments. The night I was there was a good mix of guys and conversation, the ballgame was on just like a real bar and my friend and I shot some pool without getting leered at and hassled.The bartender was hot and it was just a good relaxing experience. You can tell its the kind of instituional place that's flipping over to the next generation but that's good. If you just want a quiet evening in a gay establishment without the drama to go with it, this is the place.

    • musclepig
      musclepig Over a year ago
      Loves it

      LSS Picking Up Lately
      The Stallion has been picking up lately. The Thirsty Thursdays are particularly good and weekends are OK -- picking up the Mean Bull refugees.

    • kmike74
      kmike74 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A faded beauty
      The oldest gay bar in Cleveland has sunk to its lowest point. Never never never anyone in the bar. A busy night is three or four men plus the bartender. Lots of room. Back patio open in summer (Summer Sundays until Labor Day are the only busy days all year). No leather, no hot guys, no fun. Old men quietly drinking. Thats it. Forget about it. The area is not the best at night so dont park too far away.

    • soccerjock1981
      soccerjock1981 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      ALL HYPE
      If run well this bar has potential- a nice layout and patio with outside bar and lots of nooks for hook ups. Aside from calling itself a leather bar this establishment is not leather in any way shape or form. as the reviewer below wrote its vacant most nights and a total waste of time unless you happen to live downtown. the much hyped Sunday nights on the patio are not what they used to be.

    • CoasterQueeer39
      CoasterQueeer39 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Chirping Crickets On A Friday Night
      I got dressed up and ready to go out and enjoy the nightlife of Cleveland. I stopped by on Friday night because usually Friday night in other cities is a good night to go out and socialize. Well not so at the Leather Stallion Saloon! There were only three people in there - another patron, myself, and the bartender...And this was at 12:30! I know Cleveland pales in comparison to Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago (should I go on?) in terms of night life, but come on...One other person in the bar? That was awful! I should have taken the advice of a guy I met online and gone elsewhere. I was stuck in the memory I had of the place from my last visit in 2002. Always listen to the locals! Wont be back there anytime soon.

    • it's like someone's house...
      great outdoor patio for the summer. Inside... a little scary, but kind of seedy and fun.

    • geezer pleezers
      most of men are old. some gray hairs. not for 20 or 30s men but if you like old men its ok i guess. its a nice bar with a nice patio in summer but in the middle of the week its as dead as a funeral home. its called leather stallion but it should be the bear cave or the muscle shop or sometihn like that cause its really not leather unles they have a special bar nite.

    • budman
      budman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      patio fun
      I have always liked the LSS. It is a real mans bar older crowd I have never had my car broken into or felt unsafe leaving or going to the bar.this is a Beer drinkers bar. Patio is really nice and packed on sundays.The only thing I don't like about it is on sundays you cannot move to get to the bathroom or bar and people won't move out of the way even when you say excuse me.I had to scream make a hole for people to move and you also get groped like fuck too,not everyone wants to be touched like that.It's a silverdaddies,bears,chubs.sometimes leathermen bar.A blue collar type bar too.This is not for the yuppies, twinks, bounce or twist crowd.

    • angiesbro73
      angiesbro73 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      leather not
      why anyone calls this a leather bar is unknown to me. the men are not cruisy or butch usually. worst of all the street out front is not always welcoming. homeless looking men and rough blue collar types hang out at bus stops which can be an unsettling thing. will my car be vandalized. will i be jumped walking down st clair? security would be a good thing. i gave 2 stars because it is a roomy bar with a nice back patio and one bartender is really cute. nothing much else to recommend it.