The Hawk

69% love it
Cheap drinks, casual setting
Enjoy the pool table, internet jukebox, TVs, gaming machines, and a patio for a good time with locals.
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    • FrankKing1974
      FrankKing1974 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's either hit or miss :-)
      Depending what night of the week it is, will depend on what kind of experience you'll have. Happy Hour time is until 9pm; so, before that time seems best. Not real crowded at that time, you can actually talk to people & carry a conversation before "the loud crowd" comes in.

    • cuddleottercle
      cuddleottercle Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Thanks for the Memories
      Bottoms Up is closed. Bounce is...idk. But the pretty young things have set up camp at The Hawk. I recognized only 3 or 4 regulars. The rest were all hatchlings. "I want a place where I can meet MEN!" Not young "adults." The bars have been going downhill for over a decade, but with CLAW leaving the bars for a suburban hotel, and now old places like The Hawk being abandoned by its regular crowd, it's not like there's a home for the over 30 set anymore. You can have Cocktails. It makes The Hawk's neighborhood look like Beachwood.

    • tomdavie
      tomdavie Over a year ago
      Hates it

      changing times
      The old crowd is gone, sadly. the Hawk used to a mixed bar with bears, twinks, older, younger. Now it's basically a black twenty-something bar. Not that that's a bad thing...just sayin.

    • TPEleatherslave
      TPEleatherslave Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Like you as man and will with you from connection! TPEleather boi

    • dadhunt76
      dadhunt76 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Great place
      If you like your drinks cheap, and enjoy looking at fat men.

    • Timothy57
      Timothy57 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      sounds like my kind of place
      born in Cleveland, been away 40 years. Like a very informal, laid back bar, beer, and an interesting crowd. Into late 20s to 30s kind of guys. Is The Hawk a safe bet for a wee bit of social life if I move back? Or is something in Indianapolis a better bet? Just fishing for thoughts at this point.

    • jdliu
      jdliu Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Strong drinks, fun crowd
      The crowd at this bar is definitely eclectic. On this particular Tuesday, there were trannys, twinks, bears, etc. With that said, everyone was having a blast and for the most part, very friendly. Coming from DC, the drinks here were very cheap, almost too good to be true. Draft Coor's light for $1.50, call drinks for $4.50. They are also very liberal on the pour. Relative to what I typically get in DC, all of our mixed drinks were doubles. The "shots" were also more than just shots. They were served straight up in shooter glasses. Now I can see why everyone was having such a good time :) Many of the guys here were very friendly and it was pretty easy starting up a conversation with most of them. Unlike DC, most folks here didn't have an agenda in mind, rather just looking for a safe space to unwind on a Tuesday. My friend and I definitely had a great time and enjoyed our drinks. The bartenders were so helpful and attentive too. If we are ever back in town, we will stop by Hawk again.

    • csuperman7
      csuperman7 Over a year ago

      Good music, nice atmosphere and strong, cheap drinks!

    • sluttypumpkin
      sluttypumpkin Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Drunks n Drama
      I've lived in Cleveland for about seven months now (moved from NYC) and I've been to the Hawk at least five times. It's not gotten any better. Here's the straight dope. It's gross. I can't say anything that's not already been said. It's old, it's dirty, it's a dive. The crowd is mostly old men and twinks with a few bears thrown in the mix. I was there earlier tonight and this will be the last time. The music- awful. The crowd now is heavily twinkish- i think the bears must be in early hibernation or else moved on to Cocktails. My last memory was a skinny drunk, loud black queen screaming at an Asian guy about something. Nothing to write home about. The Hawk is going downhill. Since the Grid and other bars have closed, so they say, the twink masses have migrated here. So the days of the Hawk being the "manly man's" hangout are over.

    • Pete44107
      Pete44107 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice little gay dive bar
      If you're expecting a place to sit down have a cosmo and listen to showtunes The Hawk probably won't be the place for you. if you're looking for a gay bar where men act like men then you'll love the Hawk. Its small and dingy inside but the staff and patrons are friendly. Most bartenders pour heavy which is a good thing in my book.

    • musclepig
      musclepig Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Where It All Flows
      if you flush the toilet at Man's World...The Hawk is where the waste flushes out.

    • Panadero73
      Panadero73 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      everyone's a hater (almost)
      Some guys think they're so cool. Bars are the same everywhere. Don't diss 'our' bar. Whatever. All you girls who think you're so hot, why don't you get up off your barstool and talk to someone for a change instead of congratulating yourselves on how pretty you are and how boring other guys are. I looked at 'Wolf's' profile and he's a damned good looking guy. Funny thing, these good looking guys make the rounds of the bars but usually go home alone. I wonder why. And the guys who think the bars are always so lonely---but they never strike up a conversation with someone they don't know. No wonder the bars are boring. The bars are dives where bartenders serve drinks. The bar is what you make it to be. That's all there's to it. Yes there will be ugly men, there will be obnoxious drunk ass queens. But most guys aren't like that. You want a change? Cut the attitude. That goes for out of towners and the regulars and the news guys checking out the Hawk or wherever. You want a change, be the change. Not that difficult, unless you're a fake.

    • Center of the Crepo Universe
      Wiggers and fukturds.

    • juniorprof2013
      juniorprof2013 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      strong opinions!
      the hawk of all places brings out the best and worst in gay men. it may not be as horrid a bar as some of the posts suggest but it surely is not a good as other say. it is a dive it is in need of a good scrub down it has more than its share of trolls and other monsters but it also has some down-to-earth and easy-going guys and it is in a better area than either cocktails or mans world

    • clevelandwolf
      clevelandwolf Over a year ago
      Loves it

      this is an awsome bar
      Ok guys all of u writting this negative stuff about this place need to check urselves. This bar is an awsome friendly very clean place to go. I thought the same thing about it when i first went here and i dont think that way anymore which is why i picked it as the bar i wanted to work at. The stuff and patrons are great people and we , unlike some of you, respect everyone. It is a fun bar full of fun people. If you didnt like it then go to your stupid twink bar and pose like always do.