Learn about LGBT Human Rights in El Salvador


A Presentation on LGBTQI Human Rights in El Salvador and Information about Cleveland Delegation to the first ever LGBTQI Human Rights International Solidarity Conference March 12-17, 2013. Join us to learn more at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland!

"We need a wider vision of what community means: a worldwide community that struggles in favor of the LGBT population. Solidarity relationships with people in other countries are an important way to offer each other support.” -a young Salvadoran lesbian activist.

The United Nations has identified LGBTQI/HIV-affected people from the Global South as one of the world’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations. In El Salvador, they have been the victims of upwards of 47 unsolved assassinations and countless instances of severe human rights violations. However, human rights activists bravely carry on.

Show them and the world your support!

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