Hyatt Downtown Arcade

50% love it
Downtown location offers convenience, nightlife
The Hyatt Arcade is one of the nicer of the Hyatt brand of hotels. Full amenities and convenient downtown location make it an ideal business trip hotel.


    • Panadero73
      Panadero73 Over a year ago

      Not your father's Hyatt
      I've stayed in a Hyatt Regency hotel in suburban Detroit several years ago and it was an excellent hotel in every way. The Hyatt at the Arcade was a big deal because it brought the Hyatt brand name to the city, but it looks nothing like the sleek, modern Hyatts people may be used to. It's located on one end of the old Arcade,which is an interesting historic structure to visit, but is not a high-class shopping mall. People mostly visit the Arcade for the food court (popular with office workers in the neighborhood), but other than a few tiny stores, there's not much to do there but gawk at the Victorian-era decor. It is not the lap of luxury. If you are looking for a traditional first class hotel experience, stay at the Renaissance.

    • awto
      awto Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This doesn't live up to the Hyatt
      The room is very plain. There is no coffee machine, no fridge in the room. There is a safe which is poorly screwed in the TV cabinet. If I want a cup of coffee, I have to run down to the ground floor to buy one at the coffee bar, which only offers in the morning. This Arcade mall is a run down mall. Most store spaces are empty. The rests have hardly anything to look around or to shop. In the food court, only two vendors left, most spaces are empty also. This is just a huge empty mall being renovated to be a hotel. So many rooms were originally store spaces or office spaces. It is a very awkward hotel located in a very convenient downtown location only if you like historical buildings and sports.

    • HouHotJock
      HouHotJock Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gorgeous Hotel- Careful Where Your Room Is
      I love the high ceilings in the room and that when you step outside of your room it is reminiscent of the Galleria in Milan, with so many shops on the first few floors. However, in the middle of the morning because I was close to the elevators, this unnerving chiming sound began that robbed me of sleep. If my room had been differently located, this would have been a 4-5 star experience. Bathrooms spacious and rooms lovely!