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  •   Never been, but...:)
    dresmith ·

    December 2, 2014

    I am from Columbus, might be moving to Cleveland, can't wait to visit, looks cute.
  •   new management
    rozslvk ·

    December 17, 2012

    Was there for a chorus party . Wait staff needs training food so so . Drinks expensive ...
  •   Cool hangout spot
    tarzanrich1972 ·

    November 9, 2012

    Bounce is a really nice place to sit and chill with friends while surfing the net or just sit and have a drink or two and dance your butt off
  •   Once a a thriving dive...
    clevelandWest ·

    August 14, 2012

    When Bounce first opened it was a clean, modern, stunning showpiece and a trendy nightspot with a diverse crowd and impeccable cleanliness. This place has simply been run into the ground in every way since then. It's simply a large dive bar anymore. Friday and Saturday nights are busy as the club is teeming with twinks and their female companions. The crowd is about 50/50 black and white with some latinos and asians mixed in. It's also about 50/50 gay/lesbian. It's not unusual to see a few patrons wandering around who appear to be homeless, mentally ill, high on crack, or a combination of all three. If you're looking to slum it and don't mind some laughable disappointments, this is the place to be. Don't go to this place with any high expectations. The decor was changed slightly a few years ago but it didn't negate the fact the the furniture is still broken down, the bathroom smells like there's a dead cat in there, and every inch of the floor is covered in some sticky mix of dirt, mixed drinks, and filth. The food is pretty good but the building's general appearance and apparent lack of cleaning and upkeep didn't do much for my appetite. I have noticed bullet holes in some of the windows if that tells you anything about the neighborhood. I'd suggest packing a gun if you go alone or even in a small group. Don't be shocked if your car get broken into or stolen altogether. This is more reflective of the neighborhood, not the club itself. The music is typically blaring loud in every part of the building, so don't plan on having any normal dialog inside. Don't leave anything sitting around unattended or it will be promptly stolen. Fights and disturbances both inside and outside the club are commonplace. Bounce is a big nest of drag queens, and their shows carry on for what seems like an eternity. If you like drag shows this is the place to go. The music is okay and is in sync with music videos playing inside the main bar. Overall, Bounce is a good time as long as you want to party hard, loud, and dirty and you don't come with any favorable expectations.
  •   nursery school for queerlings
    luckydudewestside ·

    June 17, 2012

    twinks twinnks twinks. who cares.
  •   Feeling too old for this bullshit
    kmike74 ·

    January 16, 2012

    Couldnt agree more with the comments about what in the hell happend to this citys gay scene. Im old enough too to remember U4ia and Legends and I wonder like many others why Clevelands bars have sunk to such an awful level. I dont remember when things have been this pathetic in either Cleveland or Akron. The men have disppeared. Bars now have extreme crowds of fugly gross unwashed so called people mixed with teeny twinks. The real bears and cubs, regular guys, and cute trendy boyz of the past have disappeared into thin air. There is no leather club left in town, despite the untrue claims of some bar owners. Club Cleveland is gone for good. The shit palace Flex is barely hanging on (and hopefully will do us all a favor and close soon). Bars continue to close or change names and owners for the gazillionth time but never get any better. Bounce was super crowded at one time with good music if a bit of a snooty crowd. Today its practically a joke. Some nights may be better than others but Ive stopped going. Down the street a few blocks Mans World is a grossfest. Cocktails is deserted most nights with a few drag queens (the ugly variety) hanging around. The Stallion is always empty. The Hawk smells bad and is filthy (and so are many of its customers). Bottoms Up is closed half the week and the 'guys' are so young it feels illegal to be in the place. Twist is an arrogant joke. Whats left, seriously? Straight bars are more fun than the gay ones. Many nights Ive given up and went to straight bars instead. By Clifton and downtown, you can find many gay guys (not the flamers or flamboyant twinks) in straight bars with their friends. Go to a 'gay' bar and you find bitches and homosexuals pretending to be straight or rough trade. What a town! The worst of it all is that most gay men in cleveland accept this state of affairs as normal and like it just the way it is. I think Cleveland is beyond hope. The citys good days are over and most gay young people head out of town for work and social life. If I were younger theres no way I would stay here. What a waste. My advice is skip all the bars and go to Columbus or Chicago when you have a long weekend.
  •   Cleveland is suffering!
    DivaInChicago ·

    December 30, 2011

    Cleveland is suffering and there is no end in site. I left almost 11 years ago and visit once a year, and it gets worse and worse! Gone are the days of The Cage, Rockies, U4IA, Legends, The Eagle, Detour, The Grid, Metronome, this is when Cleveland rocked. I'll always be grateful for Cleveland's gay bars (of the past) for providing me what I needed to be who I am today but it's so sad that today's youth can't experience the same thing I did.
  •   Random
    ShortyOnline ·

    November 24, 2011

    Probably the best mixed gay club in Cleveland. I've been going here since I was 18, and I come back at least once a year when I come back and visit friends/family. Drink specials aren't that great but it's usually pretty crowded and the drag shows are hella fun. Bounce should be open more nights every week.
  •   Less Drag, More Dancing
    PaulinCMH ·

    October 18, 2011

    I stopped visiting Cleveland because my friends and I were frequently disappointed when we went out to the clubs. I was in Cleveland a few weeks back for SynergyFest and came to Bounce to dance but instead had to suffer through a drag/stripper extravaganza that went on till just after 1:30am. The DJ only got to play a few songs before the lights came up and we were rudely herded out the door. I recently returned (against my better judgement) and the drag show was much shorter, though still far too long for a Saturday night. What blew us away was the DJ! He's not their regular dude and it took some detective work to find out that the guy is a local that goes by DJ Conspiracy. Beats were hot, set was tightly mixed, and the music was bumping. I felt like I was in another place while I was there. Aside from the new and improved music, the place is kinda dirty - your feet stick to the floor - the bathrooms are either too crowded or a petri dish of human filth. The drinks were great, and the staff was friendly for the most part. I'll be back - and so will my friends - if they stick to shorter (or better still, NO) drag shows on the weekends and play hot music like we heard that night! Hopefully it wasn't just a fluke!
  •   Saturday Night Out was a SHOCK
    SusanC ·

    September 19, 2011

    OK, I USED to live in Cleveland, at a time when there were FILLED, fun, packed, dancing crowds, and a wide variety of bars and clubs that make everything in Cleveland now look like a great big boring WTF nothing. Recently, I paid a visit and went to Bounce on a Saturday night. Now, Saturday night used to be THE night to go out and dance and dance until you dropped. But on the night I went, it was like Teeny Bopper Night - Under 21. OMG!!!! First of all, how do they expect to make any money serving a crown that can't drink? But that's their stupidity. What we found was a COOL-looking club, with a nice long bar, booths with comfortable seats, tons of dancing space just BEGGING to be filled up ... a zillion infants running around, an occasional drag queen marching through, and a bare handful of people over 21. That handful varied from, say, 30 - 55. A few looked like frank predators there for the infants - creepy! The music they were playing was GREAT. The video screens were great. The bartender was really nice. It had so much POTENTIAL. Is there anyone out there who was around 1980 - 1990ish? Whe went to Traxx, Isis, Legends, or even TWIGGY'S (I got in at 15 with a fake ID from the Jupiter Store)? Now THOSE were the days! Everyone DANCED. Places were packed - even on most weeknights! I might add that we also went to other bars/clubs, gay and straight (desperately searching for a wild dancing crowd OVER 21), and we could NOT find a place that satisfied. I feel like moving back to Clevo and opening a club and showing you all how it's done.
  •   ugh... twink central
    beenthereseenthat ·

    August 12, 2011

    it's fine... actually a nice place, strong cokctails, but too many twinks running around. I think it may have 18+ night... UGH...
  •   twinks and trouble
    budman ·

    June 28, 2011

    I went here twice and never again the drag shows are good and thats why i went as i like drag shows and some friends were doing a show so I went. Over priced beers rude bartenders and young gays that don't know how to act when there drunk or not.People want to start fights and are rude the music totally sucks The police and fire have been there many times as they allow 18 yr. olds in I don't feel safe in this bar it is also right above the projects.There is drugs and riff raff in here too.There is also a cover for a drag show come on not worth it.I went both times in 2007 never again.Union Stations food is over priced for what it is you can get better someplace else.
  •   Bounce/Union Station
    truth1 ·

    May 4, 2011

    I used to really enjoy this bar. Now I refuse to go. Rude staff, actually down right mean! Food is pitiful. Crowd and area is undesirable. Don't waste your time!
  •   Great Night Out
    cleveland20boi ·

    April 17, 2011

    I've been going to Bounce for a couple years now and unlike many people on this site, I don't go every weekend. It would probably get old pretty quickly if I made it a weekly thing. Yes, there is a drag show that sometimes lasts a pretty long time... but that doesn't stop me from dancing. Union cafe and Bounce are essentially the same place, same entrance. You have a couple colleges in the area with one gay club for under 21, so of course the crowd is going to be young on the weekends. Music is loud, staff was great, never a dull moment. I have a lot of fun with friends every time I go, its worth it. Yes, cover charge is the usual $10 for under 21 and I believe $5 if you are over... stop complaining, many clubs today are charging if you are over 21, remember its not just a bar. Area is a little sketchy when you get there, but what place isn't in Cleveland past 11. Its not a place for everyone, but I'd say give it a try if you've never gone.
  •   Better on friday/saturday
    Nomadic ·

    February 21, 2011

    Area is iffy, but there were dedicated cops that night. It is primarily a twink spot, I didn't order from the bar, I don't know about the service. Music is reasonably loud, music selection is appropriate for the crowd. The floor is horrendously sticky in the seating area; with spilled soda, or some other substance. The dancing crowd is "closed off" to newcomers/people coming alone, so bring friends if you can. Mixed gay/lesbian (a few straights) crowd. Boys rule early night, lesbian advantage going into the morning. Dancing was stopped at 2:15 (normal clocks read 2:01) NOT a place to meet people, GREAT place to window-shop. Unfortunately this is the best option in town
  •   Poor Service
    sportsguy71 ·

    February 17, 2011

    Numerous car break ins!! Staff is rude. Under 21 on the weekend. Always a COVER!! No bar in Cleveland is worth a cover. Really rough lesbians and girlie twinks.
  •   Rico
    steven_gaga ·

    January 18, 2011

    La bar Es super la music buena lo unico q no me gusto fue el beer fria y buen precio y las ponka Bella vuelvo
  •   Long slow decline
    indieboy2011 ·

    January 12, 2011

    Like Cleveland, this club is in a long slow decline. Close please! Do us all a favor! A few brave twinks, innocent enough, continue to keep this place profitable. Unfortunately, wannabe thugs and gangstas prowl the place. Too-loud straight women and assorted marginal types waft through in search of tricks and a high. Its not a nice place, unless you pretend really really hard. Dance clubs in Cleveland are a thing of the past.
  •   Poor service
    dab4 ·

    November 26, 2010

    We don't go there for food any more because the servers have been inattentive. Also, the music is outrageously loud. And, no, we're not outrageously old.
  •   Has seen better days
    clejock1982 ·

    November 25, 2010

    Once Bounce was cool and popular. Now its largely women and krazy twinks. The men's room was a mess last time I was there- doors removed from stalls (guess about that), and the bar had a lonely feel even with a sizeable crowd. Not worth the price.
  •   Not a fan
    matkruegs ·

    February 28, 2010

    Bartenders are slow to get to you! And rude Bounce is full of creepy nasty people makes me feel dirty! And i feel like i see the same show every time.
  •   I always have a good time
    Sabrosura216 ·

    February 27, 2010

    I think i have been there for six times almost seven spend sadly my christmas eve there. and even though it was empty cuz all was with family spend it with my best friend and had a blast with the staff. its a good place yes you are going to feel like a baby sitter at times, but don't forget that you was too one time young. and you make a good time no matter where you at. Bounce provides you with all. the man hunting is up to you. lol
  •   Fun, cool
    boyleathr ·

    December 26, 2009

    Not a bad club to spend a few hours dancing and drinking in the sights.
  •   Bounce, Union, what's the difference?
    csudude ·

    December 25, 2009

    Bounce and Union are two sides of the same building. If you want to dance, watch a drag show, or buy an overpriced beverage, then Bounce/Union is your place. If you want to meet people, have a conversation, or enjoy good music, then Bounce/Union is not your place. If the sight of dancing queens gives you an ounce of steel in your jeans, then get your butt in gear and go to Bounce right now. If having sex in the restroom of a gay club is your thing, then Bounce may be for you (although i'm not telling you to do this and I strongly condemn it). If you like parking your car in a parking lot sprinkled with glass shards that can give you a flat tire, then go to Bounce. If you like walking at night along a street with no crosswalk and plenty of scary people, then Bounce is your place.
  •   Fun club!
    gaydar ·

    October 9, 2009

    This place offers dancing, a video bar, a nice outdoor patio, a restaurant, pool tables, drag king and drag queen shows all under one roof. Bounce and Union Station are actually one club. The crowd is mixed men and women but it is always has a good, fun crowd.
  •   If you're into drag shows, this is where to go.
    souleater ·

    August 15, 2009

    If you're in Cleveland, I believe this is the only place to find a drag show right now, either king or queens. I'm not into the drag shows and would prefer to dance, however, the drag shows will take up most of the time you have to dance. Otherwise, the club is alright, a place where most of the young LGBT can go eat, drink, dance, and watch drag.
  •   great place to see a show...
    rainbowgirl ·

    April 20, 2009

    I go to bounce usually on wednesdays and saturdays to see the drag shows, also so on some fridays. Wednesdays are pretty decent nothing to crazy its the night the kings perform. besides the music sucking before and after the show its a pretty decent time. Saturdays are great besides parking... but you get to see a great drag show adn listen to some good music. The bartenders arent very friendly and seem angry if not leaving them some huge tip including if your only getting a beer. The food every time I have went has been very good. The pizza is amazing, also the fried mac'n'cheese is something to try. If you lookin for some where to just have a good time and it a pretty relaxed atmosphere i say this is the place.
  •   Sucks! Bad food!
    neverever ·

    February 8, 2009

    Besides the drinks being nasty, and the food being bad, the performers can't dance and the bar tenders are not very nice. I will never go back again.
  •   Great place to go
    LeslieS ·

    December 11, 2008

    I am a part-time crossdresser and have been to Bounce a few times for the Saturday night Drag shows. The shows were very entertaining. The atmosphere was great and very CD friendly. I would recommend it to any closet CD (like me) who is looking for a place to go out dressed.
  •   I Guess I Would Go
    redheadlove01 ·

    August 25, 2008

    Ok so Bounce is an ok bar. I would sadly say it is the best I have found in all of Cleveland. I feel safe, was not searched for weapons, like the music-mostly-but HATE the drag shows EVERY night! Where do you go if you just want to dance????
  •   Had a good time
    roderic100 ·

    June 9, 2008

    Located in an " ok " part of town we found street parking on a well lit street but could tell that if you were not cautious you could get into trouble. Bartender was a moron and could not get the drink right. However, did make it for the Friday night drag show. It was fun but if you are trying to meet people it may not be a good place to start.
  •   feel comfortable and free
    theone1007 ·

    May 15, 2008

    i love this place. everytime i go i enjoy myself. the music could be a little better but after a couple of drinks everything sounds good.
  •   Love it!
    not2str8 ·

    September 13, 2007

    I love this bar. You can find me there at least one night a week!
  •   Not really that impressed by Bounce
    dotherobot6 ·

    July 2, 2007

    Bounce is owned by the same owners as Axis Nightclub in Columbus. I wasn't really impressed with the size of this place and the way the dancefloor is built in a circle. Kind of cramped and awkward.
  •   My home away from home
    Spottedwolf ·

    February 1, 2007

    I like the shows, never a boring time here. unlike the straight bars, I'm stuck going to back home.
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